National Litigation Risk Management - Maron Marvel

National Litigation Risk Management

Maron Marvel understands the high-stakes issues threatening businesses facing mass tort lawsuits filed in multiple and dangerous jurisdictions.

Maron Marvel has developed a Portfolio Management Model that provides a framework for the defense of these claims that has repeatedly been shown to improve outcomes, limit business disruption, and control costs.

Our Model

  • Docket-wide defense strategies are set by the client and executed from the top down to ensure decisions in individual cases are consistent with overall company strategy.
  • External counsel use is optimized through the creation of a virtual team, with subject matter experts and specialty counsel.
  • A secure, customized, web-based claims management tool is shared by our clients and their virtual teams.
  • Real-time and customized claims data and risk reports are received by our clients allowing for continuing refinement of litigation-wide strategies.
  • Fraud detection and prevention screening processes flag potentially fraudulent claims, suspect medical providers, and testing companies.

Our Objectives

  • Minimize long-term risk.
  • Lower overall defense / indemnity spend.
  • Detect, prevent, and expose fraudulent claims.
  • Maximize efficiency with a defined structure / team and customized claims management tools that avoid duplication, inconsistency, and unnecessary defense counsel and expert expenditures.
  • Improve return on defense costs by utilizing a virtual team of subject matter experts.
  • Capture the clients’ investment in developing company witnesses and experts, and the creation of attorney work-product, for use in other cases.
  • Track and manage insurance assets and indemnification rights.
  • Ensure that business clients and legal management receive timely and accurate information on risk and business impacts.