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National Risk Management

Whether facing tens or tens of thousands of claims, clients trust Maron Marvel and the time-tested strategies utilized by our attorneys to coordinate, litigate, and resolve their mass tort claim inventories. The firm’s risk management services lead the nation in providing state-of-the-art national counsel services for a variety of clients across the country.  We specialize in utilizing experience and technology to develop client-specific litigation strategies for effective management, litigation, and resolution of mass tort claims, regardless of the product or premise at issue. This hybrid of experience and technology is both cost-effective and proven, which is why clients trust us to manage their mass tort litigation portfolios and rely on our attorneys to serve as National Coordinating Counsel, National Settlement Counsel, National Trial Counsel, Lead MDL Defense Counsel, Regional Counsel, and Lead Class Action Litigation and Appellate Counsel.

A successful and efficient defense effort for mass tort claims involves attorneys and other professionals with specialized skills applied across all cases and the integration of the entire effort into a virtual team. Our firm’s strength is not only in recognizing the wisdom of this approach, but our ability to develop a unique process buttressed by specialized technology to coordinate this effort.

Complexity of Mass Tort Claims
We are experienced in handling the nature of mass tort claims, the necessity of careful litigation-wide and long-tail views, and the many risks of mass tort claims. We work with and advise our clients on the development of defense strategy.

Strategic Approach to Leadership
We are experienced at assembling the team most appropriate to implement a strategy throughout the country. We work with each client to put together the best professionals for the problem regardless of where they are located.

Key to Litigation Success
We are experienced in knitting the litigation team into a well-functioning whole. A litigation team is only as strong as its weakest component. We pioneered the use of business process models supported by specialized technology to integrate and coordinate the defense effort in mass tort cases.