Maron Marvel Attorneys Audrey Anyaele, Rob Dille and Rob Petti to Present at 2023 FETTI Conference - Maron Marvel
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Maron Marvel Attorneys Audrey Anyaele, Rob Dille and Rob Petti to Present at 2023 FETTI Conference

September 5, 2023

Maron Marvel attorneys Audrey Anyaele, Rob Dille and Rob Petti will speak at the National Forum for Environmental and Toxic Tort Issues (FETTI) Annual Conference from September 27-29 in Chicago, Illinois.

This annual seminar brings together experts and professionals from around the nation to educate attendees on the latest environmental and toxic tort issues. Maron Marvel member Jack McCants currently serves on the FETTI National Board and oversees sponsorships for this meeting.

Audrey and Rob Dille are presenting on a panel discussing cancer clusters with medical expert, Dr. Hung K. Cheung of Cogency Environmental, LLC.  Rob Petti is a panelist for “Environmental Justice Considerations Affecting Environmental Requirements and Costs,” which will cover federal and state environmental justice programs and the litigation surrounding them.

Other topics covered during the conference will include:

  • PFAS: What Moves Do You Make in a Universe of Uncertainty
  • Coverage Law Update
  • Environmental Requirements and Costs
  • Ethical Considerations in Litigation Funding
  • Ethylene Oxide: Examining the Science & Regulations Driving EtO Litigation
  • Climate Change Claims: From CO2 to CGL
  • The Spreading, Fate, and Implications of Wastewater-Derived Emerging Contaminants in Our Food and Water Systems
  • A Judicial Perspective on Mass Tort Litigation
  • Asbestos Litigation: Over-Naming, Trust Transparency and Other Developments
  • The Tale of Two Costs: Are Environmental RI/FS Costs Defense or Indemnity?
    Gong off the Rails
  • When It Rains It Pours…Mold, Stormwater and Sediment Runoff Claims During Construction
  • Are the Wat(t)ers Receding? WOTUS After Sackett
  • Emerging Coal Combustion Residuals (CCR) Coverage Issues and Regulations
  • Formaldehyde the Next Massive Environmental Concern

To view the full agenda and register, click here.