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Maron Marvel Launches New Website

December 15, 2022

Maron Marvel is excited to announce the launch of the firm’s rebrand, which includes a new visual identity, logo, and website. Our rebranding and new website reflect our focal points, our approach to delivering best-in-show legal services, our obsession with exceptional client service, and our culture that empowers our employees to be their authentic selves.

“For our rebranding, it was essential to have a clear, bold message that stands out. Most importantly, we wanted a logo that had meaning to our clients and represented our firm’s values,” said Cathie Pyune McEldowney, Maron Marvel’s President and Managing Shareholder. “Our new website has an innovative clean design, user-friendly navigation, and has been optimized for viewing on mobile devices and desktops.”



Never has such a small thing conveyed so much meaning. Alone a period is an individual authentic thing; join that same point with other points with the same intention, and it becomes very powerful. In our case, our point is symbolic of the following focal points that are important to both Maron Marvel and our clients:


We serve as national, regional, and trial counsel to Fortune 500 companies with multiple operations located in the most dangerous plaintiff jurisdictions in the country. This, combined with our strategic use of data, creative approaches, and litigation skills, provides our clients with a unique viewpoint on reducing risk and resolving matters.


Simply put, we close cases. We understand that for many companies, their litigation can drag out for years and be financially challenging. At Maron Marvel, our goal is to get our clients to the endpoint of the litigation process as quickly and cost-efficiently as possible while attaining the best possible results.

At Maron Marvel, we make a point, pun intended, of communicating with our clients throughout every phase of our representation and litigation process.

Our ability to capture points of data, analyze them, and create effective strategies allows us to manage our client’s litigation portfolios — whether it is a single matter or thousands of cases across multiple jurisdictions — in a timely, effective, and cost-efficient manner. Additionally, our data capture allows us to provide our clients with the metrics and statistics they require to show that our case management aligns with their objectives.

Maron Marvel’s devoted attorneys and staff work in synchrony to climb higher, smarter, and faster to elevate national litigation risk management. Our lawyers are focused on winning by being fearless, loyal, efficient, and steadfast. We are equally committed to making the world and legal profession better through dedicated DEI, community service, and attorney development work.


Colors, like words, have meaning, so we picked colors that demonstrate our firm’s traits.

Blue is associated with seriousness, reliability, stability, knowledge, and trust.

Purple is associated with creativity, sophistication, and problem-solving.