Maron Marvel Retained as Lead MS Counsel in a Civil Rights Lawsuit Over Inhumane Conditions at Parchman Prison - Maron Marvel

Maron Marvel Retained as Lead MS Counsel in a Civil Rights Lawsuit Over Inhumane Conditions at Parchman Prison

January 26, 2020

Maron Marvel Bradley Anderson & Tardy LLC has been retained by Alex Spiro, Jay-Z, and RocNation in the lawsuit filed on behalf of mistreated inmates over inhumane conditions at Parchman Prison.  Maron Marvel shareholder, Marcy Croft will serve as lead Mississippi Counsel.


Parchman is a century-old, maximum security prison built on the site of a former slave plantation in northern Mississippi.  The notorious institution operates in a perpetual state of crisis where prisoners live under barbaric conditions, and eight inmates have died in the last month alone. 


“The situation at Parchman is an ongoing and lethal humanitarian crisis,” said Croft, who was inside Unit 29 earlier this week when yet another inmate committed suicide.  “I have watched this week as people blamed the crisis at Parchman on gang-violence and the use of cell phones.  It’s infuriating.  Gangs don’t cause black mold to grow on walls, or rats to swarm over people as they sleep.  Gang-violence doesn’t underpay the guards and understaff the facilities.”


Despite the dire conditions, the Maron Marvel legal team remains hopeful for a swift resolution.  “These issues transcend partisan politics.  The actual conditions at Parchman, especially in Unit 29, are far more horrific than what has been reported in the media.  We have to believe that once our fellow Mississippians, and newly elected officials, understand daily-life for guards and inmates at Parchman, they will rush to do the right thing,” said Croft.


About Marcy B. Croft:

Marcy Croft is a native Mississippian with over twenty years of experience litigating high-profile cases.  She is the Chairperson of the firm’s Fraud, Audit, and Investigation Practice Group, and has served as local and national counsel for Fortune 500 companies in product liability and exposure cases throughout the country.  Recognized as one of the nation’s leading mass tort defense attorneys, Croft was placed on the inaugural “Top 250 Female Litigators in America” list by Benchmark©.


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