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Maron Marvel Commits To Doing Its Part in Helping Create A Better Society

June 4, 2020

We at Maron Marvel condemn racial injustice and strive daily to uphold the basic principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion, not only within the firm, but also in the communities in which we have offices and in which our employees reside.  Recent events, notably the horrific killing of George Floyd, as well as the unjustified killing of Ahmaud Arbery, sicken us and demonstrate that our nation has unfinished work in the area of racial equity and the criminal justice system.  There are no easy answers, but we, as a firm, are committed to take action to help solve the problems.  Societal shortcomings with regard to equity and basic fairness that are ignored, excused, dismissed, or left unaddressed eventually rip apart the social fabric and result in major discord, strife, and instability.

As a first step, we are in the process of identifying existing programs and organizations, both local and national, which work to eliminate structural inequities in the criminal justice system and which promote racial equity and justice.  We as a firm will dedicate ourselves to working with those groups on a pro bono basis in an effort to assist in achieving these goals. The firm will also make a donation to an organization to be selected for its racial justice efforts. However, donations alone  are not enough.  We all need to get involved to solve these problems.

Diversity and inclusion should never be treated as an empty catchphrase. We cannot achieve a healthy and robust society if basic rights and opportunities are meted out to only select groups. No society is perfect, but our nation is at its best when it strives to achieve “…a more perfect Union…”.

We are committed to doing our part to help strengthen the ties that bind us and work toward creating a better society for ourselves, our families and our fellow citizens.

Stay well and safe.

Maron Marvel Bradley Anderson & Tardy LLC