Maron Marvel Attorney to Speak at the 23rd National Advanced Forum on Asbestos Claims & Litigation May 21-23

March 26, 2018



Join The American Conference Institute (ACI) for the 23rd National Advanced Forum on Asbestos Claims & Litigation on May 21-23 in Chicago, IL.Take advantage of this opportunity to meet with top in-house counsel, insurance professionals, prestigious jurists, outside counsel, and medical experts who will provide valuable, practical information on key developments arising in asbestos claims & litigation.

Don’t miss hearing from Maron Marvel attorney Donald Kinsley, who is scheduled to speak with attorney Jason M. Saul on Taking a New Look at the “Bare Metal” Defense Argument. This session is scheduled for May 22 at 3pm and will include information on: 

  • Exploring litigation nuances with regard to bare metal defendants
  • Determining whether defendants who originally manufactured bare metal products that did not contain asbestos but were later altered to contain asbestos are liable
  • Analyzing the arguments made in the DeVries case and the “foreseeability argument”
  • Comparing and contrasting the DeVries case with the O’Neill and Bratton case
  • Interpreting how other courts in different jurisdictions are holding on the “foreseeability argument.”

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