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Settlement Counsel

A Proven Solution to Control Risk


Consistent with its tradition of radical innovation to help clients advance their business interests, Maron Marvel offers a revolutionary service for clients facing significant litigation risk: Settlement Counsel.


Settlement Counsel focuses exclusively upon affecting a targeted, efficient end of a matter to the satisfaction of the client. As Settlement Counsel, we have no other goal.


And, in the spirit of Maron Marvel's history of legal innovation, Settlement Counsel works only on a contingent fee: no hourly fees are billed to the client. We arrive at a fee with the client at the outset of our engagement and we only are compensated if we achieve the result the client wants, no matter how much effort or time that may require. Our singular focus as Settlement Counsel is to design and deliver a resolution to the client's satisfaction.


This is an unprecedented and proven solution specifically designed for business owners, boards of directors, c-suite leadership, general counsels, executive claims management, third-party administrators, risk managers, bankruptcy trustees as well as domestic and off-shore brokers.


Settlement Counsel can be effective for plaintiffs and defendants alike.


We help the client control the time, expense and risk of litigation by working to end the risk. The client receives an unrelenting advocate who is strategically positioned to achieve the exact disposition the client wants and needs. 


What Does Settlement Counsel Do?

Settlement Counsel is neither a litigation counsel nor a mediator. Settlement Counsel first works exclusively with the client to identify a path to resolution in the sole interest of the client. 


Using the protections of settlement discussions, we actively engage in direct and productive dialogue with the opposing side, free of the posturing, bluster, endless discovery, hourly billing and other constraints of litigation. 


Drawing on our years of successful results and deep expertise resolving the most complex cases, we patiently and pragmatically identify common interests and key issues. We find the solution to the problem. 


The Settlement Counsel practice works independently of litigation and litigators and does not direct or interfere in that process. This is not mediation; your Settlement Counsel works only to achieve your interests.  This is a highly disciplined and refined advocacy for the client.


What is the Fee?

Our Settlement Practice offers a unique pricing alternative: we work only on a contingent fee basis.


We do not charge billable hours or alternative fees.  We are paid solely on results. 


What is the message?

When used alone or as a parallel strategy in lawsuits, Settlement Counsel is a positive and powerful message to any opponent.


By using Settlement Counsel, a client communicates conviction, deep experience and legal sophistication to the opposing side. The use of Settlement Counsel is a signal to the key decision makers of the opposition that the client is strategic and knows how to operate beyond the restrictions of conventional litigation. 


Settlement Counsel allows the client to provide the opponent a simple choice - the potential for a forward thinking, more expedient resolution which could also benefit the opponent, or, a typical litigation, with its time draining delays, expense and uncertain outcomes. 

The use of Settlement Counsel is uniformly applauded, welcomed and respected by judges and enhances a client's standing with them as well as with mediators. 


Does it Work?

We have the utmost confidence in this approach because it works. 


Our Settlement Counsel practice has brought closure to some of the largest, most volatile and complex litigations in the country. We have helped clients favorably resolve matters thought to be entirely unresolvable, and whose costs were projected to be astronomical.


Time and time again, we have quickly identified routes to resolution for our clients. Settlement Counsel helps the client achieve control over a case, end it to the client's benefit and minimize large legal fees clients otherwise spend to litigate.

As Settlement Counsel we have successfully resolved:

  • Class actions in all of their forms - protected class claims, employment, consumer classes and securities claims
  • Mass tort, personal injury and death cases throughout the country of all forms including premises liability, products, trucking, pharmaceutical and automotive claims
  • Professional liability claims: medical, legal, design and construction
  • Entire national claims portfolios: asbestos, benzene, pharmaceutical products
  • Molestation and sex abuse claims
  • Insurance bad faith claims
  • Bankruptcy trustee claims
  • Indemnity enforcement and recovery 
  • Regulatory claims
  • Trademark and IP matters.